Shutter Jewellery is stocked in some wonderful shops and galleries and I'm always on the lookout for more! I love working with some of the best independent shops in the UK who have customers that want something unique, special and handcrafted. 


Wholesale FAQs

Which items are available for wholesale purchase?  
I stagger the launch of new items, first to my retail customers and then offer the most popular to shops and galleries. This allows me to find out which items are the bestsellers and the shops buying can have confidence that these items sell. This also allows me to understand which items are loved by which customers - gift buyers, older or younger age range for example, and pass that information onto the shop or gallery which might be helpful when they are deciding what ranges to order. 
Of course, items which are one of a kind or very time consuming to produce are not offered in the catalogue but can be supplied by special request so please get in touch to discuss.    

Who is Shutter Jewellery suitable for? 
All jewellery items (excluding hair pins) are made using 925 sterling silver and therefore wearable by most people who may have allergies to certain metals. Each item is packaged beautifully, either on backing card or in smart, simple black card gift boxes making them excellent gift items.  

How do I display the jewellery? 
Tiny items can be difficult to display and the jewellery is packaged with this in mind - with necklace and earrings, supported and facing outwards in their boxes, making it easy to create a quick and striking display. Please see above for another display example.  

Is there a large minimum order? 
No.  I like to work with all sizes of shops and I know storage space is not always plentiful! It can also be scary taking on a new range so it's possible to order just a small selection. I also offer a 'starter pack' which is a range of pendants and earrings in 3 bestselling designs. This is a great price and a good place to start.

How quickly will I receive stock?
Usually with in 14 days but an estimate will be given at the time of ordering.  You can also order in advance for delivery on a specific date. 

Can I see a sample? 
All items can be viewed by visiting the studio in Walton on Thames, or to request a sample of a particular item please get in touch. 
How can I get a wholesale catalogue and price list?
Please fill in the from below providing details of your shop and whether you would like a print or digital copy of the catalogue.  If you're not ready to order yet, but would like to find out about future collections and offers please ask to be added to the shops mailing list. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! Sophie 


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