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Packaging and Product Information


Shutter Jewellery is working to be free of unnecessary plastic and generally making the business as eco conscious as possible. This includes using recycled and recyclable materials and sourcing materials from other small UK based businesses wherever possible.

Jewellery is packaged in a smart black card gift box. Exceptions to this are statement butterfly earrings and hair clips which are presented on backing cards.

Silver jewellery items come with a polishing cloth and care information so that you can keep your items looking as good a new for many years to come. 

With each piece of jewellery, a card is included with each item explaining the story behind the subject matter of the image. 

Jewellery boxes are made in the UK by Norfolk based firm, Potters. This company has been producing boxes and packaging since 1846, using traditional skills and expert craftmanship. The boxes made for Shutter Jewellery are matt black card with silver foiling for a luxurious finishing touch.

Most of the printing such as backing cards, flyers and business cards is sourced from Walton-on-Thames based company Click, Save & Print.


Product Materials and Information

All items are designed, made and tested by hand in the Shutter Jewellery studio in Walton on Thames. High quality materials are used and all jewellery is made from 925 sterling and 999 fine silver, with the exception of hair accessories which are silver plated.


Recycled Silver jewellery 

All jewellery is made using a large percentage of recycled silver. Silver is supplied from several different suppliers, some are now stocking only 100% recycled silver and some can not yet guarantee their products are 100% recycled but are working towards this. Hopefully, soon everything will be made from 100% recycled silver but until this can be guaranteed, please see individual items for information. All scrap pieces and offcuts are now reused in the studio rather than being sent away to be processed.

Glass charm items

Similar jewellers use resin for this type of peice, however I find this can discolour over time. I like to make my charms with glass for greater shine, quality and longevity plus the weight it gives to the charms helping them to sit correctly within the piece. The pictures are sealed to keep the colour bright and allowing the item to get wet without any damage to the pictures within the charms.

Butterfly 'wing' jewellery 

There are many people who make jewellery from real butterfly wings and most of these makers do so ethically, using only the wing of butterflies who died naturally. Understandably, though, some do not feel comfortable wearing real animal products. These tiny photographs give you all the detail and colour of the real thing so you can wear all the beauty of the butterfly without any doubt that the only thing taken from the natural world was a photograph. 


Sizing and custom pieces

Sizes, chain lengths and information about catches and fittings are included within each individual item listing. Please see the jewellery size guide for further information on finding your size. It's possible to provide bracelet and chain lengths different to those mentioned and provide other earrings fittings such as clip ons. Please let me know if you'd like something made especially for you using the contact form