Jewellery Size Guide

necklace sizing title

Across all collections, there two main chain lengths, 16" and 18". Obviously, sizes will differ from person to person but, typically, a 16" chain will sit at the base of the neck, whereas an 18" will sit lower - around the collarbone. 

There are also a few larger pendants that have a 30" chain option, which are designed to hang lower on the chest and this style looks great over plain dresses, tops and jumpers. 

This diagram gives an idea of where the different chain lengths sit on the torso. Of course, the best way to check is to measure one of your own necklaces or to make a loop from ribbon or string to your desired length and check the measurements of this. 

Necklace chain length sizing graphic

Bracelets sizing title
Chain style bracelets are now adjustable and fit from 16cm on the smallest setting to 20cm on the largest. Other designs may only be offered in one size.

It's strongly advised that you measure carefully to check which size you are. Remember, the sizes given are the total length of the bracelet (including clasp), not the size of the wrist it is to fit. You may like it tighter or looser than someone else. Also, if you like a close fit to the wrist it's still worth adding on around 1cm to allow for manoeuvring the hook into the eye when clasping the bracelet. 

The best way of measuring is simply to measure a bracelet you already own, of which you like the fit. Otherwise, make a band from string or ribbon to the fit you'd like and take the measurement from this. Please get in touch if none of the sizes are to your requirements and one can be made to the length you need.


ring sizing guide title

Rings are listed in UK sizes, of which your size will be a letter. If you don't know which size you require, the best way to measure yourself is from a ring you already own that fits well. In this case simply measure the inside diameter of the ring and find your size using the 3rd column of the table below. 

If you do not have a ring to measure against, you can take your own measurement by measuring the circumference of your finger, though note that your finger will change size depending on the time of day - the end of the day when the finger is likely to be at it's largest. 

Ring Size (UK)
Finger Circumference
Inside Diameter
50.3mm 16.10mm
M 51.5mm 16.51mm
N 52.8mm 16.92mm
O 54.0mm 17.35mm
P 55.3mm 17.75mm
Q 56.6mm 18.19mm
R 58.4mm 18.61mm
S 59.4mm 19.10mm
T 60.6mm 19.51mm
U 62.2mm 20.02mm