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Sophie, owner of Shutter Jewellery and her dog Gekko

I’m Sophie and I began Shutter Jewellery in 2015. While I live close to London and have been known to wander around the city taking pictures of the bustling urban jungle, it’s the real jungle, countryside, rainforests and woodland that really inspire and relax me. This is why Shutter Jewellery has evolved into a celebration of birds, botanicals and butterflies and became little symbols of that escapism.

Each jewellery piece contains a scaled down version of one of my own original photographs and I look for striking detail, shape or colour which will be just as bold on a tiny scale. The photographs are used in a number of ways, but my signature pieces use a little pebble of glass over the top which magnifies the detail and looks just like a tiny version of the real thing.

Many of us feel like we’ve taken enough from our world and want to preserve those last little unspoilt corners. Silver is a lifetime material and whilst kept affordable as possible, Shutter Jewellery pieces are made with high quality materials and designed to be kept and treasured. Each item’s packaging is recycled or recyclable wherever possible. Waste is kept to a minimum in the making process and most waste materials turned into new items. 

Whilst I'm always on the lookout for new ideas in nature, I'm also searching for ways to pay it back. Shutter Jewellery funds the planting of a tree for every order over £30 and plants extra groves to mark special occasions. So far Shutter Jewellery customers have helped fund the planting of over 900 trees. One of my favourite animals are bats and it's been such an honour that the Bat Conservation Trust allowed me to support their work through sales of the Bat jewellery collection

Jewellery is so much more than just decoration. While it's important to create a design that's beautiful to look at, the meaning behind an image is always a consideration. The bestselling Forget-me-not collection is proof that the message behind owning, or giving a piece of jewellery is often as important as the aesthetic.

These little flowers say it all, but some other subjects are less obvious, for example a ladybird being lucky or a fern meaning shelter. This is why a card with information about the piece is included with each item. Customers have given so much positive feedback on this detail and often contact me with stories behind why they choose the pieces they do.

Shutter Jewellery is now stocked in a handful of lovely shops and galleries and online sales has helped to reach like-minded customers across the globe. 


Shutter Jewellery Studio Work in Progress pictures




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