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To the planet, from you and I

You'll notice a lack of 'Black Friday' discounts here today. 

Instead, I have just added 500 trees to the 'Shutter Jewellery' forest through Ecologi as a little gift back to the planet from myself and Shutter Jewellery loyal customers.

My intention was to plant 100 trees... but more on that later.

500 trees badge - 500 trees planted for anti black friday


The reforestation project

These trees were planted through Ecologi and Eden Reforestation Projects in Changalane, Mozambique. This project not only helps re - establish the ecosystem there, but also helps local people, employing 15 full-time nursery workers to plant and grow the seedlings, and 30 full-time planters from the local village.

High poverty rates in this area means, historically, the population relied heavily on its natural resources and forests for survival. Human and environmental issues are so often entwined but projects like this that tackle both are incredible and so worthy of our support. 

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Mozambique reforestation projectImage: Ecologi / Eden Reforestation Projects


Why I now love 'Black Friday'

As you may have seen, on Sunday last week, I was quoted in an article in The Observer and Guardian online about the things independent businesses are doing to buck the trend of big Black Friday discounts. 

I had decided to plant 100 trees to mark the occasion, many other choosing to only open their sites to valued customers or shutting down entirely for the day. 

Since the article, I've had so many new visitors (hello!) and messages from people in support and encouragement.  

One such message came from Holly Tucker, founder of Not on the High Street and Holly & Co. She expressed how she loves what Shutter Jewellery do, and sent me one of her prints designed mark 'Colour Friday' - a campaign to get people to to shop small instead of hitting the big store sales. It's now brightening up my studio on this drizzly grey November morning. (Naturally, I decorated it with butterflies)

Colour Friday Print

Since it's arrival, I've been either ignoring it or being grumpy about Black Friday each year. Now it seems to have encouraged so many businesses to take the day and turn it into something else - something positive- that reflects what is important to them. This is why I now love it.. and in celebration I decided 100 trees simply wasn't enough. 

P.S. Also, as a small side note, there may have been some confusion that I was actually physically planting the trees myself. I would love to do this and one day in the future I'd love to buy a plot of land and do just that! 

Want to start your own forest? 

If you want to fund your own trees through Ecologi, use our referral link below which will plant 30 trees on your behalf to get you started.

Start your own forest


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