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Stud Earrings? Hoop Earrings? All the types explained.

Recently added to the Shutter Jewellery offering was something that's been missing for a while - hoop earrings. Now available in two different sizes, these simple hammered hoops are available with a choice of charms from ferns to bats! But what are all the types of earring now offered in Shutter Jewellery collections? Here's some more info: 


stud earrings

Little charms that sit on the earlobe. A sterling silver post is pushed through the piercing and fastened on the back with a push on butterfly back. Perfect for everyday wear, these start with charms just 6mm in diameter! Make sure the butterfly back is secure but not pushed too tight. Need some spare backs? Get them here.



french stud earrings

Halfway between a stud earrings and a drop earrings - the mechanism is the same as a stud a post which pushes through the piercing and fastens as the back but there is a hanging element from the front so the design looks like a drop style earrings. Great if you like a dangly style but find studs more secure or comfortable. Suitable for lightweight drop designs. 



bat mismatch earrings


Hugely popular in the 1980s, mismatching earrings are perfect for rebels and the indecisive! These sets have one stud earring with an 8mm charm and a french stud earring with a matching charm on a long chain. 



Shepherd hook earrings

The most simple style of fitting, there are lots of different variations of these hooks which are usually called shepherd or fish hooks. The principal is a hook shape earwire which is pushed through the piercing and has a long enough stem that hangs behind the ear to keep the earring in place. The easiest earrings to put in. For extra security you can add a butterfly back to the stem if you wish. 



drop earrings

I love these thin, dainty earwires - perfect for tiny simple drop earrings. The charms simply sit in the dip at the front which hangs just below the earlobe. The wire threads through the piercing and pings into the v shaped wire behind to keep secure. The v shaped part can be gently squeezed to create a tighter fitting for the wire behind if needed. These are super comfortable and so lightweight you won't even know you're wearing them. Spares can be ordered here.



Leverback statement earrings

All the chunky, statement earrings like these 20mm glass and sterling silver ones have a leverback fitting. They have a tiny hinge so the back part can be pulled open, the front wire goes through the ear and the back springs shut to close behind the lobe. Best for holding heavier charms to ensure they hang correctly, are easy to put on, comfortable and secure. 



hoop earrings

The newest addition, these hoops come in two sizes 30mm in diameter and 20mm in diameter. Similarly to the small drop earrings, these little charms hang from the hoop itself with no extra fiddly details. There are many styles of hoop earrings, some can be really tricky to put in which is why I decided on this easy to wear latch fitting. Still a complete circle hoop, the flat end goes through the piercing and fits into a small loop behind to secure. These are made from lightweight 0.8mm sterling silver wire which is hammered for strength and texture. Also available plain or with mix and match charm sets. See them all here.

Any styles you'd like at see added? Which are your favourites? Or ones you don't like wearing so much?  Do let me know. 

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