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Recycled Silver added to Simple Silver Collection

The 'Simple Silver' range of minimalist, embellishment free sterling silver jewellery is every growing and now a selection of recycled silver pieces have been added to the stacking rings and plain hoop earrings. 

Caterpillar Recycled Silver Pendant Necklace


The recycled pieces are created from offcuts and waste pieces from other Shutter Jewellery collections. The idea usually is to send the odd pieces back to my silver supplier once the pile is big enough to be worthwhile. (They then melt it down and compress it into workable forms, like sheet) Of course, when you are trying to work with as little waste as possible, this takes a long time. 

When you heat a small piece of silver to a high enough temperature it will naturally from a ball shape and this was my starting point for these new pieces. First of all, something I haven't offered before - a simple ball stud - or 'pebble' as I'm calling them. Perfect for everyday wear, these are a great addition to my collections as they look great next to a more embellished silver earring if you have multiple piercings. These are available in pairs or as a single stud.

Silver Pebbled Earrings

Shutter Jewellery is starting to become known for it's butterflies, so, naturally we needed some caterpillars. These little studs and pendants are created by grouping and soldering together different size silver pebbles to create unique shapes I'm calling caterpillars - because that's exactly what they look like. 

Due to the process each of these caterpillar pieces are one of a kind and will come with a little certificate indicating which number earrings or pendant it is. 

Recycled Silver Caterpillar Earrings


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