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Pawprints Jewellery

 Tiny stamped pawprint charms made from recycled sterling silver.




Cavalier King Charles Spaniel looking at biscuit

Inspired by a special little dog 

Above is the inspiration, Socks, my gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Shutter Jewellery studio dog loved by everyone who met him. Socks passed away earlier in 2021. 

I wanted something special to keep with me always and remind me of him and I came up with a little pawprint necklace with an S on the back which I've worn everyday since. 

I loved it so much and know many of my customers are animal lovers and besotted with their pets too! Maybe they would like one to honour their four legged friend, whether it be in their memories or still happily running around the garden or snoozing on the sofa!


Made from recycled silver

All the tiny offcuts of silver from my normal collections go into a big scrap pot. Often there's not enough to send back to the bullion dealer or to make into anything large, so I like to recycle into small pieces like little studs and now, these pawprint charms. 


Making process

Each charm is made by melting the silver into a little ball, or pebble shape and hammering it flat to create a surface to stamp the detail into. 

The pawprint stamp, I originally used to stamp into the tags for the Cats & Dogs collection as an extra little detail. It's so cute, it did need to be the star of some jewellery at some point!

The pawprint is stamped into the one side of the pebble, and an initial into the back. The silver is then oxidised to bring out the detail of the design and the surface polished. 

 Paw print silver necklace

Pawprints jewellery range

Not content with making just a necklace, there are three pawprint items to choose from. The necklace has one little charm hanging from a simple ring which hangs from a sterling silver cable chain. This can be worn either way around, with the pawprint or letter facing forward.

These charms are also available on a simple silver lobster clasp, allowing them to be added to a charm bracelet or other piece of jewellery - or even to a very pampered pet's collar!

I've made stud earrings with recycled silver before and these little pawprints seem to suit stud earrings so well, so there is also this pair of pawprint mini studs available. 

Paw print sterling silver studs

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