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In the Press: The Observer on indies boycotting Black Friday

Today I was quoted in The Observer and Guardian Online in a brilliant article about the rise of independent businesses protesting against, boycotting and not getting sucked into the whole Black Friday discountathon. 

With the rise of Black Friday sales year after year, it's become almost expected to give discounts on this date, even if there is no real reason to do so. Shutter Jewellery stock is made in small batches and there isn't surplus stock piling up that I need to get rid of. Many small businesses work in a similar way and like to keep prices fair all year round and reduce waste by not over stocking.
Why then, give massive discounts just because big companies have set a trend? 

It's so uplifting to see independent businesses fighting against that trend. With around 85% of independent retailers not participating in Black Friday sales this year, it would be amazing to see that influence the bigger brands too. 

Many independents are using the day to do something good, make people stop and think about how and where they spend their money and turn it into an all round more positive occasion. Shutter Jewellery will be planting 100 trees through our Ecologi 'forest.'  The tree for every £50 of sales scheme is relatively new and it's a great excuse to give our forest a little boost and give back to the planet by reforesting some of the most needed parts of the world. 

Telling people to buy less might seem counter intuitive to every business lesson we've been taught, but there are more important things that need to be considered now. 

Read the Guardian Article:

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