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Horizon - Jewellery inspired by the sea

Cocktail rings, statement earrings, brooches and and shimmering necklaces - perfect holiday jewellery or for keeping the summer with you all year round.


Silver statement ring with tropical beach scene

A new collection of statement silver jewellery that celebrates beautiful beaches, clear blue skies and even captures the sun twinkling on the water. 

This collection is a little different, taking a step back from the tiny details of the natural world and looking at a bigger picture. During 2020 / 2021 restrictions, many of us really appreciated outdoors more than ever before.  I am truly grateful for the open spaces close to where I live, however, I live in a landlocked county and during lockdown the one thing I missed visiting more than anything was the sea.

I remember the excitement of a day at the seaside when I was a child and it's still something I look forward to. I wonder how many others impatiently looked out the window approaching the coast, through houses and trees to get that first glimpse of the horizon where they sky meets the water.


Cornish Sunset Necklace

The collection comprises of 16 new pieces in 4 designs. Each design features a photograph taken looking out to sea, two from British shores and two more tropical scenes. 

Because of the nature of the images in these pieces, this is not a delicate collection. These needed to be statement pieces for the details to have impact and each charm is between 20 and 25mm in diameter. 

These pieces use a similar technique previously used in the butterfly and bird collections, allowing the silver to play a part in the overall look of the image. I wanted to capture that magical feeling of being by the water and this twinkling, shimmering effect of the silver shining through a transparent image really helps add atmosphere. 


Tropical Statement Earrings


Each of these pieces look as if they have a tiny world captured within and are perfect for those who, like me, love the beach and want to carry it will them all year long. 


See Horizon Collection



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