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Gifts for Nature Lovers

 Looking for a gift for a plant enthusiast, bird lover or a favour for a woodland wedding?

While 'jewellery for nature lovers' encompasses what Shutter Jewellery is all about, Nature is a varied subject.

It could mean your old tabby cat, your collection of exotic house plants, garden birds, wildflowers on a woodland walk or spotting lions on safari.

The photography used to create the jewellery varies from native British wildlife taken right on the doorstep of the Surrey studio, to exotic animals and birds taken on travels across the globe and can be a whole subject or a tiny detail and therefore, quite a variety of styles that is ever expanding.

I thought it would be useful to break down the collections and curate some categories to better help find just what you're looking for, whether it be a special gift for a loved one or to yourself.

Jewellery is much more than an adornment or decorative addition to an outfit. Traditionally made from precious materials, these are pieces of wearable art, designed to be kept and even passed between family members through generations. It’s a meaningful, thoughtful gift and a way for the wearer to represent, and keep close the things that mean the most to them.

Everlasting Flowers

Cut flowers are a beautiful and impressive gesture for all occasions but they are only around a short while and can be a little unoriginal for every Mothers’ Day, birthday and anniversary! A piece of jewellery that celebrates the wearer's favourite bloom but will last for many years is a great alternative. The Flower jewellery collection features some of Britain's best loved garden and wildflowers and is the biggest Shutter Jewellery collection with over 60 individual pieces to choose from.

While some may choose a favourite flower for it's aesthetic quality alone, they often evoke personal memories, often being present at weddings and other milestone special occasions. More so than just this, however, there is a whole 'language of flowers' - symbolism and meaning given to different species based on history, literature, myth, religion and folklore : Floriography

Each jewellery piece comes with a card giving a short explanation of the flower's meaning, so when given as gift, the recipient will know what the jewellery piece represents.

 Floral Jewellery

Periwinkle silver stud earrings


Gifts for Animal Lovers

If you prefer fauna, rather than flora - this collection brings together designs from the animal kingdom from dotty ladybirds to roaring tigers. Every animal lover has a favourite animal and picking something that represents this is a sure way of finding a gift they will love. Animal gifts are particularly great gifts for kids – and the tabby cat, pug, tiger and bat hair pins are great picks for little girls who love wildlife.

Animal Jewellery

Tiger necklace and greeting card


Bridesmaid Favours

Whether it be a token of thanks to your bridesmaids or something to wear on the big day, if you have a nature theme to your wedding there might be gift ideas for you here. 

Customers have loved the fern and forget-me-not hair pins as little tokens to wear on the day. The fern is said to bring luck and protection and the forget me not has one of the most powerful messages of all wildflowers – remember.

Please note, all of the jewellery here is handmade and therefore there may not be the quantity you require on the website as it’s made in small batches. Please get in touch if you have a larger order, would like to order for a future date or have any special requests eg, different size or additional charms.

Bridesmaid Gifts and Favours

Forget me not hair pins

Gifts for Plant Lovers

For house plant fanatics, woodland wanderers and fans of all things leafy! The botanical world has so many amazing patterns and shapes and lends itself better than any other area of the natural world. Of course this doesn’t stop at just the flowering part of a plant. Some of the most impressive patterns to be found in the plant world comes from the leaves- not the petals.

The fern design is one of the very first I made and still a firm favourite. The colour and pattern of the fern leaf, or fronds are so distinctive and one of the oldest in the plant kingdom. The fern jewellery pieces look like tiny vibrant green gems from afar and up close, the familiar pattern of the foliage is revealed. With the fern being one of the most ancient of all plant species on the planet, this is design that will never go out of fashion!

This is a collection that will definitely be expanded in the future, so if you love plants, don’t forget to sign up to the mailing list to be notified of new pieces first.

Botanical Gifts and Jewellery

Maranta Leaf Plant Necklace


Gifts for Bird Lovers

Being a parrot owner and bird watcher, it is unsurprising that my favourite subject has crept into my work. From simple, monochrome bird outlines to jewellery pieces which features the colourful and intricate feather patterns, there are pieces that are as diverse as the bird world itself.

The most extensive Shutter Jewellery collection that is created from a single image belongs to the peacock. This simple ‘eye’ motif found on the male peafowl is one of the most recognisable feather patterns of all birds. It’s long been a feature in the world of design, famously used by William Morris, Liberty and Tiffany. Like the fern, the peacock feather it is another design unlikely to diminish in popularity.

Also popular bird pieces are the Toco Toucan necklace and earrings, which feature the distinctive eye pattern of the bird in vivid blue and orange and the Roller earrings which celebrate the vibrant pink, lilac and blue feathers of the Lilac Breasted Roller.

Bird Jewellery and Gifts

Toucan Jewellery


Gifts for Beach Dwellers and Sea Lovers

The Horizon collection was thought up during lockdown, when it was impossible to go to a British beach, let along a far flung tropical island. I have always loved the sea, perhaps the most impressive and magical part of nature. 

The collection is made up of sparkly, shimmering statement pieces which encapsulate the magic of the beach and the waves. Read more about this collection here.

Sea Inspired Jewellery and Gifts

Tropical Beach Drop Earrings


Gifts for all budgets

If you are looking for a little stocking filler, a special, affordable keepsake or looking to blow the budget, you can also now browse gift ideas by price bracket, helping to not go over budget (and don’t forget the email sign up discount if you’ve not used it yet!)



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