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Forget me nots

These little flowers have been requested many a time. The beautiful, understated Forget-me-not is the most pretty of pastel blues and makes delicate and very special jewellery pieces. They may have stopped blooming in Europe for this year, but they doesn’t mean they need to be forgotten…

To reflect the delicate nature of these tiny blooms themselves, I’ve made charms smaller than ever before, for these drop earrings and the matching studs, the charms are just 6mm in diameter!

About the Forget-Me-Not
This pretty and popular little flower, commonly known as the Forget Me Not, has the scientific name Myosotis which comes from the Greek for mouse’s ear, a reference to the shape of the plant’s foliage.
They are widely found in temperate regions and can be pink, white, or yellow, though the blue variety is by far the most widely known.
As the name suggests, the flower is often used as symbol of remembrance and is also considered a lucky charm.

The mini collection
This collection has the signature 8mm pendant, as well as 6mm studs, new style drop earrings (top of page), silver plated hair grips, a dainty single charm chain bracelet which is available in three sizes and this branch necklace, of which each will be completely unique.

Something that I have not done much of before is personalisation. This seemed the perfect collection to add a personalised item, however. As Forget-me-nots are often used as symbol of remembering why not add an initial of your choice alongside this mini 6mm Forget-me-not charm? Whether that is someone special who has passed away or someone far away. Maybe even to remember a special time or place. Whatever it is, add it to this sold 925 sterling silver disc to make a very special piece of jewellery.


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