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Five Pieces of Jewellery for Summer

Accessorise with your Summer outfit with these five picks for sunny days and holidays... 

1.  Toucan Earrings

Silver drop earrings featuring the distinctive markings of a Toco Toucan - a bird native to South America. The sterling silver and glass charms measure 20mm in diameter and hang from lightweight fine safety hooks. Perfect for everyday wear, these bright colourful earrings will add a tropical feel to any outfit. 

Toco Toucan Earrings, £25
Toco Toucan Earrings

2.  Daisy Chain Necklace

Inspired by summer days as child, making daisy chains in the garden or on the school field. This sunny little flower is celebrated in this silver necklace with 5 tiny 8mm daisy charms linked together. 

Daisy Chain Necklace, £45 
Daisy Chain Necklace

3.  Tropical Island Statement Ring

Summer is the season where glittery, sparkly and shimmery is allowed all day long! This ring is my favourite of the Horizon collection - jewellery for beach dwellers and sea lovers. This ring features a shimmering tropical beach scene on an equally glittering dimpled sterling silver ring. Available in 17 sizes!

Tropical Island Statement Ring, £40
Tropical Island Statement Ring

4.  Peacock Butterfly Necklace

One of the most beautiful butterflies that you are likely to spot in the UK during the summer months. The Peacock butterfly has rich, shimmering maroon and blue hues to it's wings and the 'eye' like marking similar to a peacock feather is designed to deter predators. This butterfly necklace is lightweight but big on impact. 

Peacock Butterfly Statement Necklace, £25

Peacock Butterfly Necklace

5.  Simple Hoop Earrings

...or maybe you'd just rather keep it simple? The minimal look is equally good for sunny days. These sterling silver hoops are comfortable and go with everything. The dimpled, hammered finish adds a very subtle sparkle in the sunshine.

Available in 3 sizes:
15mm Hoop Earrings, £10
20mm Hoop Earrings, £12
30mm Hoop Earrings, £14

Simple Silver Hoop Earrings



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