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Cosmos - the most popular flower of 2021

The flower of order, peace and tranquility ... no wonder the Cosmos has been popular this year!

A recent study into flower trends revealed the simple, daisy like cosmos as the most popular flower of 2021. Flowercard announced the flower has received more searches than both the Narcissus and Hydrangea.


Pink cosmos flowers against blue sky

Photo credit: Sense Atelier

I discovered this study through this article by Living Etc, in which it outlines the rise in popularity of the flower seen by florists, for wedding displays and bouquets and as a cut flower for display around the home. (If this is your thing, check out the article for the best ways of looking after them)

My favourite variety of cosmos is the Cosmos bippinatus Rubenza, which has a deep dark burgundy red petal and bright golden yellow centre. This is the flower I photographed for use in the Cosmos jewellery


Cosmos bippinatus Rubenza


While the flowers look like they'd be more closely related to the daisy, the cosmos is actually part of the sunflower family and is native to scrub and meadowland in Mexico. Cosmos can now be found as far North as Washington and as southerly as Paraguay. They have also become a popular garden plant here in the UK and across Europe. 

The word Cosmos in Greek means orderly, beautiful, and ornamental and these meaning have been attributed to the bloom in many Floriography dictionaries, the pleasing uniformity of the petals and softness of some varieties extended to bring the meaning of peace and tranquility. It also the birth flower for October.

 Red cosmos flower necklace

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