Bee and Flower Jewellery Collection

A new jewellery collection featuring 3D sterling silver bees alongside some familiar garden flowers. 

Bee and flower sterling silver necklace

" The hum of bees is the voice of the garden "

- Elizabeth Lawrence

Bee necklace and earrings

Possibly one of the most important creatures on the planet, the bee is present in all continents except for Antarctica, with over 16,000 known species. 

With that many to choose from, the bees featured in these jewellery pieces are not a specific species, but a simple representation of the ones we most recognise buzzing around our gardens.


Bee and flower silver hoop earrings

These tiny 3D bees are made from recycled sterling silver, each made by hand and coloured top and tail to give them their trademark stripes. Each bee is unique, with their own little characteristics. 

Accompanying these bees are some familiar flower charms - using a couple of flowers popular with Shutter Jewellery customers and bees alike!

With the bee being so widespread it has come to symbolise may things to many cultures but is most commonly used to represent qualities held by the bees themselves - hard work, dedication, loyalty and community.

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